Thankfully, the world of trusted and dependable professional development for reading teachers is rich with options these days. The science of reading is informing how we assess, interpret assessments, plan instruction, and deliver instruction. The data is clear – 95% of our students can learn to read and WE can make this happen in our communities.

The Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools

The reading course I authored and created, Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools, has been acquired by Tools 4 Reading.

This course, which is approved by the International Dyslexia Association, addresses all the components of reading including oral language and writing, and continues to provide access to the most recent updated research presented through narratives.

Knowledge is bridged to classroom videos the show teachers what structured literacy instruction looks and sounds like. Self-paced or paced through group enrollment, Top 10 Tools remains one of the foremost reading professional development options available.

The Science of Reading Short Course is comprised of five, self-paced modules that can be completed in approximately ten hours. Each module has clearly stated objectives, explicitly written background information, useful video demonstrations, numerous graphic illustrations, and a variety of downloadable resources and links.  Dr. Glaser assisted with the development of this excellent introductory course to the science of reading.

The Big Dipper’s Science of Reading Short Course

Dr. Deb’s Workshops

My publications offer individuals the opportunity to engage in developing their profession through practices based in current research.

I know you will enjoy learning from these publications. If you are interested in finding out how these publications can form the basis for workshops in your school, contact me

I am also available to present on a variety of literacy topics at conferences

Dr. Deb's Publications