When we who can read consider the many choices we have and decisions we make enriched by our ability to read, we may begin to glimpse into the lives of those who cannot read or read poorly.

Choosing a menu item, enjoying a good book, perusing the help wanted ads, discovering more about a culture that interests us, or planning a vacation;

we read without conscious attention to our reading, from making daily insignificant decisions to gaining immeasurable knowledge about the world and ourselves.

What a gift!

When reading skills elude our children, they experience social and emotional vacancies. No teacher chooses to be a teacher to see students fail, and there are always those students who we know we can reach, just how, though?

The world of professional development for reading teachers is rich with options. My publications offer individuals the opportunity to engage in developing their profession through practices based in current research. I know you will enjoy learning from these publications. If you are interested in finding out how these publications can form the basis for group study, contact me.

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